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I feel like the after credits on Captain America : The Winter Soldier, should’ve been Clint coming home, dropping his bow case to the ground as he takes in the smoking remains of SHIELD headquarters and just going ‘Awww, Natasha!’


actual exclusive footage of Clint showing up at S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end of  Cap 2



Not even a small lie, I will read every ‘Clint jumps off a building’ story

Jeremy Renner being a goof on set of Age of Ultron (03/28/14, Italy)

Captain America 3: Someone Should Really Call Clint I Mean Seriously Like Half His Stuff Was Still At SHIELD…

Forever can’t with Natasha’s arrow necklace

marvel phase 2


iron man 3: where the fuck are the rest of the avengers

thor: the dark world of none of the rest of the team apparently being available

captain america: the winter soldier seriously is clint just sitting in a secret bunker eating doritos somewhere

I need mcu!behindthescenes!clint fic



How many spies does it take to change a lightbulb?

"One of the lights is out in the den," Bruce said as he came into the kitchen at breakfast.  "Went out while I was reading last night."

"JARVIS, make a note to get a maintenance guy up here," Tony called sleepily, apparently trying to osmose his coffee through the mug, if the way he was curled around it was any indication.

"Of course, sir.  Immediately or at a later time?"

"Uh.  Later.  Coffee now."

Natasha snorted and pushed herself up from the table.  ”That’s ridiculous.  It’s just a light bulb.”

"In a ceiling that’s like 15 feet high," Tony pointed out dubiously.  Natasha waved him of as she poked in a cupboard and produced a new bulb, 

"I’ve got this."  She kicked Clint’s chair lightly.  "Come on, I’ll need a leg up."  Clint didn’t bother to set his phone down, sleepily following Natasha back into the den while Bruce and Tony stared after them.

"Should we go help?" Bruce asked uncertainly after a moment.  Tony sighed and downed his coffee in two gulps. 

"Nah, we’ll go laugh at the spies totally failing to change a lightbulb in a ceiling they couldn’t reach even standing on top of one another," he said, and sauntered out to the den, Bruce a few steps behind him, close enough that he almost crashed into Tony’s back when he stopped suddenly, just inside the doorway. "What.”

Clint looked up guiltily from his phone and Bruce couldn’t help but stare in shock.  Clint was perched on what looked like one of Tony’s expensive desk chairs (and how he’d gotten it in such a short period of time, Bruce had no idea), one foot on the back, one foot on an arm.  Somehow it hadn’t tipped, and Bruce was at a loss to figure out how, especially considering that Natasha had one foot on Clint’s shoulder and the other on his head, calming screwing in the new lightbulb.

"What are you doing?” Tony all but screeched.

"Changing the lightbulb," Natasha said calmly, lowering herself to the ground from Clint’s shoulders.

"Getting a new high score on Angry Birds," Clint added, tipping the chair backwards and landing smoothly, holding his phone out with a triumphant grin.

"I’m surrounded by suicidal nutcases!" Tony exclaimed, and went back to the kitchen, adding, "Put my chair back where you got it!" over his shoulder. 

Favorite characters by Jeremy Renner. 


“You know, Clint’s hands may look hard and tired, but I have only ever known them as soft and warm. 

And he seems to like to fall asleep on his stomach.

And he has this ridiculous habit of stopping for coffee everywhere we go.

And anytime we need an alias, he likes using names from old Hitchcock films. 

And sometimes he doesn’t want to talk, but it almost feels like we can have a whole conversation in silence.

But he can always make me smile, even when I don’t want to, and I always find myself doing the same for him.

Most of all, he likes me to hold him when he is in pain.

But no matter how much pain he is in, he will always do what he can to take away mine. “

Companion piece to this

But no silly comic for this one..! But I can imagine she is talking to Pepper? IDk

The end.

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You know, Nat has naturally red hair.

And she likes the snow, but she loves the rain.

She likes to lay in bed on rainy mornings.

She has this spot on the back of her neck she likes me to rub.

And she particularly enjoys candle light.

And she likes to dance, but not when anyone is watching.

And when she is feeling tired and down, she likes to lay her head in my lap.

And she sings Russian songs, and I don’t understand them but I still love to listen.

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what kind of asshole would— oh.